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Characters in order of apperance

Toinette/Doctor Kronk

Toinette is a fun loving maid to Argan. She enjoys making plans to make either one of Argans daughters wants or needs. Toinette is wise, loving,clever, and generous.


Argan is a foolish old man who imagines he is ill. He only cares for his doctors and new wife Beline. He has two daughters Angelique and Louise.


Beline is Argans new wife. She loves spending money, in fact she loves nothing more. She dislikes Argans two daughter. Beline is only with Argan for his money.


Angelique is a young lade secretly in love. She is hopeing to marry Cleante, but not if her father has anything to say about it.


Louise is a mere schoolgirl. She loves her father, but prefers to stay out side with her friends.

Doctor Purjon

Purjon is Argans doctor. He claims to have magical medicine. He hopes that Argans daughter Angelique is marry his nephew Thomas.


Cleante is in love with Angelique, wishes to ask Argan for her Hand in marriage.

Madame Defois

Madame Defois is Thomas mother. She wants her son to be happy, and marry Angelique. She also loves her son very much, and is very proud of him.


Thomas is a shy young man that wishes to marry Angelique. He is slow and does not really care if the marriage takes place or not.